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Reading your Soul through Your Soles | Instructed by Katherine Veltri

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Is your second toe longer than big toe?
Do you have numbness in your toes?
Do you have tingling in your toes?

Many are familiar with Palm Reading, but less often do you hear about Toe Reading. Toe Reading is the metaphysical understanding that the direction and formation of the toes are the physical printout of the path a person's life has taken. The toes are one of bodies' depositories for stories and emotions.

Toe Reading is a wonderful addition to any Holistic Practitioner’s education, as it gives us an in-depth look at one’s soul through their "soles".

Toe Reading allows the Practitioner to observe a client’s toes and get an inside look at how someone’s life has literally imprinted physical characteristics upon their toes.

A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to such an unknown modality, but after learning the ins-and-outs of Toe Reading, you will be confident in not only explaining how Toe Reading works, but you will also be fully educated and have the ability to conduct a Toe Reading not only yourself, family and friends, but professionally for your clients as well.

A wonderful addition to any Intuitive or Holistic Practice!

Based on KC Miller's book, "Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path?"

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