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We're not educated in High School or College to live life stress free. We're not taught that holding grudges or unforgiveness hurt us more than the other person. We're not taught that society molds our lives or that the media teaches us that there isn't anything wrong with eating fast food. We're not taught that regardless of our religion, our skin color or race, we are all the same.

We only know what we were taught by our parents to be correct...which is what we now teach to our own children. Generation after generation, different patterns, habits & ways of thinking are passed down, some good and some not so good.

Did you know that it is a scientific fact that our emotions live in our cells & DNA? This means that these "emotions" or "habits and patterns" can be passed down through generations.

After a Veteran has served in the Military, they sometimes have a difficult time re- adjusting back to their home life. They sometimes struggle with PTSD and other negative emotions.

The same happens after someone has gone through addiction recovery or a domestic violence situation... whether it be mental, physical or emotional.

Council of Light Online Course Academy is an  E-Learning Company that offers a variety of Psychic Development, Spiritual Growth and Life Improvement web-based courses, workshops, webinars and podcasts. We strive to help individuals improve their over-all quality of life mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

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The Council of Light Online Learning Cafe is an E-learning community that offers web-based life improvement courses, workshops, webinars, podcasts that focus on the "Mind-Body-Spirit Approach" and are filled with empowering and motivational training for anyone that wants to improve their life.

All of our courses and workshops will be offered through memberships within our Online Learning Community.  Having professionally trained instructors, we offer a down to earth, personal approach within our interactive courses. We provide the audience with a mixture of media and and a variety of subscription options making it affordable for medium to high income households as well as businesses and life-improvement professionals.

Offering our services to busy professionals as well as small to large companies and corporations enables them to provide professional training for their own clients & employees by utilizing our courses and workshops. Professional & Company Subscriptions are offered so that their employees or clients can benefit the most from our services.

The Council of Light Online Learning Cafe not only offers mind, body & spirit based personal development course and workshops, but offers all of our members a safe and positive community that they can meet and chat with like-minded individuals.

Our Lifeshare Instructor Program offers those interested in helping others an opportunity to create their own Life Improvement Program that connects with Council of Light. Once certified, they have the option to become a Council of Light Instructor which is creating jobs and helping the economy.

  • Personal Development

  • Spiritual Empowerment

  • Life Growth & Self-Help Programs

  • Aromatherapy, Energy Healing & Holistic Living

  • Diet & Exercise for the Mind, Body & Spirit

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