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Recognize-Plug In-Manifest - Conscious Contact - Level 1

Close Encounters of the Best Kind | taught by Keith Anthony Blanchard

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Recognize - Plug in - Manifest Lessons and Transformations Series
Conscious Contact Level 1
Workbook Included!

Course ID: SP-RPM
Recognize Plug-In Manifest
is a monthly series of MP4 Downloads that will take you step by step by leading you into universal consciousness to finding pure bliss in your life! It takes time to learn this process and within each month, Keith provides worksheets, meditations and exercises that will enhance your life one month at a time.
So stop procrastinating to make your life amazing! There is no better time to start but now! Register for Keith's monthly series today!

You have the option to purchase each month individually for $59.00 or purchase the whole series and receive $60 dollars off all 11 sessions! (1x for 11 months)

Below you will find a brief outline of what you will learn through out this life changing monthly series by Keith Anthony Blanchard.

Lessons & Transformations

Conscious Contact: Close Encounter of the Best Kind

Understand the importance of meditation

Learning how to do it!

Walk Into the One: Homecoming

Recognize the Divine as it flows through everything

Starting the conscious re-connection process!

Clarity: Making Yourself Available

Remove old beliefs and other toxins

Training wheels for a new way of thinking, feeling and being!

The Fear of God: How Is This Possible?

Recognize how all fears are fears of God

Leaving this behind once and for all!

Creation vs. Evolution: Surfing the Cosmic Waves

Understand how the universe is in a constant state of change

Beginning the transformation process!

Opening Up and Grounding the Divine Principle: Become A Lightning Rod

Seat the Spirit — integrate the Divine Principle

Getting absolutely involved!

Your Gift of Power and Freedom: Breaking Out of Mental Prison

Move inward, upward and forward — ever expanding

On to the next level!

Unconditional Love: Swimming Naked In the Divine Ocean

Become compassion, peace and love

Ah, the good stuff!

Thought, Feeling and Relativity: Really Getting the Hang of It

See reality in a “whole” new way — taking off the training wheels

By Jove, I think he/she’s got it!

Sandwich Between God and the Devil: Mending the Rend

Weave your life like a master — implementing what you’ve learned

Bipolar no longer!

Releasing Control and Letting Go: Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane

Trust on all levels

Straight into spiritual bliss you go!

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