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How to Remove Energy Vampires Healing Course

How to Protect Your Spiritual Energy & Remove Negative People | taught by Lisa Muria

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Energy Vampires are those that unknowingly suck the positive energy from you when surrounded by them. Energy Vampires aka Emotional Vampires are those that suck the positive spiritual energy leaving you feeling drained. They are the people that consistently complain and do nothing to change their circumstances from bad to good.

Learn how to protect your energy from them in this online course.

They just want to "vent" but after being around them, you feel drained, tired and in a bad mood. What just happened? You felt great and were just in a great mood!?!They just stole all your positive energy and left you with theirs. I call it "energy dumping".

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that everyone around you is a bad person nor a n energy vampire.Most people don't even realize that they are doing it, but you know exactly who I am talking about.

In this Workshop you will learn how to remove those energy suckers from your life in the most positive way so you can hold onto your own energy, stop feeling tired and drained, and live a more fulfilling life again.

You will not only learn how to remove the negative energy from your life, but will learn a bit about "The Law of Attraction" as well as do an Etheric Cord Cutting Guided Meditation that will release the energetic cords that hold you back from living your purpose and staying on your path.

What is included in this Workshop

UNIT 1 Energy Vampires

  • Energy Vampires-Overcoming the Negative

  • How Energy Works

  • Why do things happen?

  • Creating Sacred Space Audio + text

  • Cord Cutting Meditation

  • Summary of Energy Vampires

UNIT 2 Law of Attraction

  • What are Affirmations?

  • How to use Affirmations

  • The Law of Attraction Project


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Lisa Muria
Lisa Muria

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