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How to Successfully Start and Manage Your Own Business Online | taught by Lisa Muria
Lisa Muria
Lisa Muria

About the instructor

Council of Light Online Leaning Cafe & community was created by Lifeshare University of Healing.

Council of Light Online Learning Cafe was founded  by Lisa Muria ( Author, Psychic Medium & Certified Natural Health Practitioner) and has been providing excellence in natural wellness products and self improvement services since 2009.

 We strive to provide outstanding services and life changing content within our online courses that will help YOU change your life for the better.

Council of Light was founded through necessity.  Lisa was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS & Fibromyalgia (nervous system dis-eases) in October of 2002 and left confined to a wheel chair for one year. But...What could have been tragedy was turned into triumph.

After years of taking many prescription medications, Lisa was tired of side effect after side effect and finally said  “enough is enough!”

 She began to research natural medicine and it was an eternal love and passion immediately found.

Once being prescribed 18 medications three times per day, Lisa was able to diminish most of her medications and gain the ability to walk again. She then rebuilt her life from the ground up.

Now, Lisa teaches others how to rebuild their own lives through personal development online courses and spiritual growth online workshops.

I welcome you to Our Community at Council of Light Online Learning Cafe!


Lisa Muria
CEO, Council of Light

Lisa Muria Dottoli





Right Here with Council of Light Online Learning Cafe and Community!
We won't just teach you how to help others... we help you help yourself too!
We offer you the opportunity to join hands with Council of Light Online Learning Cafe an start your own successful online learning cafe!

We hold your hand every step of the way and are happy to help you succeed in your new business.

(printed books are shipped to you)

In this 12 week course, we will teach you:

  • How to set and accomplish your goals
  • How to write a goal plan
  • How to Market your Life Coach Business
    How to create a presentation
  • How to create printed marketing materials
  • How to figure out product cost
  • The legalities of starting your own Business
  • How to write a press kit
  • How to deliver presentations
  • How to create YouTube videos
  • How to create your own podcast channel
  • How to write blogs and forums
  • How to use social media for business
  • Business Ethics
  • And So Much More!

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Course Contents

9 Videos
36 Texts
24 PDFs

Course Curriculum

PART 1 ENDS IN UNIT 8-PART 2 Will continue with Unit 9: PODCASTING-Please ignore notes beyond this point while I work on it :)
Unit 11: Office Organization and Management
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