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How to Detox Your Body Naturally & Detox Your Life!

Taking Strides to Be Your Personal Best | taught by Tabitha Valente

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Detoxing in Mind, Body and Spirit.

In this online course you will be provided with tools to help you to cleanse on all levels. A house is only as sturdy as the foundation upon which it stands. This is the only way to lasting change. If one area in your life is not cleaned of negativity, the others will follow suite.

Please understand that this course is not about perfection. This course is intended for you to make strides towards your personal best. It is making small changes in your life, learning and heading towards the ones that will change your life permanently.

This is not a quick fix, this is a change of spirit and of heart. It is about loving yourself and valuing yourself as an individual with their own ideas of happiness and what leads them there.

The steps and tools in this program are simple ones. The main focus is loving yourself and others as one. Simplifying your life and waking up EVERYDAY with thoughts of gratitude and love and respect for all.

Forgive and let go of all that has been burdening you. There is no more time to let your past shape your life! You are in the drivers seat!

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Tabitha Valente
Tabitha Valente
Holistic Nutrition Coach, Spiritual & Life Coach, Aromatherapist

Tabitha Valente


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