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This course includes a FREE DIGITAL COPY of the Instructor's E-Book,

"Nine Amethyst Angels-Connecting and Healing with Angels" by Lisa Muria

  • Would you like a deeper & more personal connection with the Divine?
  • Do you feel there is healing necessary for you to move forward in life?
  • Do you feel like you are always attracting negative?
  • Do you feel like your higher self is trying to tell you something and you just can't figure out what it is?

Well YOUR ANGELS Guided you right here to this course so you can learn how to ask your angels for help in every day tasks and more.
Learn how to connect and heal with your angels in Council of Light Online Course

How to Listen and Talk to Your Angels-Connecting and Healing with Angels


Angels are non-denominational spiritual beings. They are The Creator's helpers and are able to bring us guiding and loving messages from above.

This course is to help you connect with your angels, know the signs they are sending to us, learn the specialties of archangels , learn the difference between archangels, angels and spirit guides and learn how to receive and send messages to our angels. (plus so much more!)

We include guided meditations to help you connect with your angels along with other materials that will aid you in balancing your energy so you can gain a deeper, more personal relationship with your angels.

Join us in this divine journey and connect with your divine guides now!

This is a 9 week course. Although you will 6 months access to this course, If you complete 1 Unit each week, you should be able to complete this course in 9 weeks. AFter completion, a certificate will be issued to all students that complete this course in full.

All materials needed are included in this course - including but not limited to:

  • Work Sheets & Exercises
  • Recorded Guided Meditations (only during class will you have access to these meditations.
  • FREE! Digital Copy of my book "Nine Amethyst Angels-Connecting and Healing with Angels" by Lisa Muria

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Lisa Muria

Council of Light Online Leaning Cafe & community was created by Lifeshare University of Healing. Lifeshare has been providing excellence in natural wellness service and products since 2009. Both companies founded by Lisa Muria Dottoli, HolisticTherapist & Certified Natural Practitioner, strives to offer services to help improve the lives of others as she has done with her own life. Lifeshare was founded through necessity. Lisa was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS & Fibromyalgia in October of 2002. What could have been tragedy was turned into triumph. After years of taking many prescription medications, Lisa was tired of side effect after side effect and finally said “enough is enough!” She began to research natural medicine and it was an eternal love and passion immediately found. Once being prescribed 18 medications three times per day, Lisa was able to diminish most of her medications..and rebuilt her life from the ground up. Now, Lisa teaches others how to rebuild their own lives through personal development and spiritual growth workshops and courses at The Council of Light Online Learning Cafe & Community.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Unit 1 Angel History and Basics

  • 3

    Unit 2 Angel Hierarchies aka Choirs

    • Lesson 2 Main Lesson The Difference Between Angels-Archangels-Spirit guides

    • Lesson 2 Audio - hierachy-choirs of angels

    • Lesson 2 Handout angel choirs-2-images

    • Lesson 2 Handout - Angel Choirs Description

    • Lesson 2 Meditation -The Road-In The Beginning

  • 4

    Unit 3 Calling on our Angels Using the 4 Clairs

    • Lesson 3 How Angels Help Us

    • Lesson 3-Self Quiz About The 4 Clairs

  • 5

    Unit 4 Signs & Messages from your Angels

  • 6

    Unit 5 Chakra Balancing with your Angels

    • Lesson 5 Video-Chakra Balancing

    • Lesson 5 Chakras Explained

    • Lesson 5 Chakra Balancing Rainbow Guided Meditation

  • 7

    Unit 6 Angel Colors

    • Lesson 6 Archangel Colors and More

    • Lesson 6 Angel Chart

    • Lesson 6 Angelic Planets

    • Lesson 6 Art Therapy Coloring Sheets-Print Out

  • 8

    Unit 7 Meditating & Listening to your Angelic Messages

  • 9

    Unit 8 More Ways to Connect with Your Angels-BONUS MEDITATIONS!

    • Lesson 8 More Ways to Connect with your Angels

    • Lesson 8 Audio - How to Create Sacred Space

    • Lesson 8 Revisiting The Road Meditation--Viewing Your Life as It Is Now

  • 10

    Unit 9 Final Review

    • Lesson 9 Final Review

    • Bonus Meditation - The Tree of Life View What is Stopping You From Moving Forward?

    • Bonus Meditation #2 Opening Your Third Eye Chakra


5 star rating

Christina Harris

it was very easy to follow and learn.

it was very easy to follow and learn.

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5 star rating


Lisa Dottoli

This course holds so much information on how to listen to your angels! I definitely recommend this course for anyone that wants to start connecting with thei...

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This course holds so much information on how to listen to your angels! I definitely recommend this course for anyone that wants to start connecting with their guides and angels!

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