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Lisa Muria

Guided Meditation to Chakra Clearing and Balancing PLUS Free E-Book!

Visiting the Rainbow of Lights

Lisa Muria

How to Remove Energy Vampires Healing Course

How to Protect Your Spiritual Energy & Remove Negative People

Inez Pace

How to Protect Yourself from Psychic Attacks

The Importance of Grounding and Shielding

Lisa Muria

A Life From Roses to Lilies Session 1 to 3 -A Tranformational Journey for the Soul

Changing Lives... One Word at a Time

Tabitha Valente

The Power of Visualization & Positive Affirmations

Creative Visualization & Visualization Techniques for You!

Lisa Muria

Ready...Set...Goals! A Goal Planning Online Course

How to Successfully Write Goals with Goal Planning

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